Kanchan Kaushal Muttersprachlerin / B.A.

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, the capital city of India. In Delhi, I worked with a highly esteemed private school for eight years. Alongside, I was a guest editor for a kids’ magazine (Primary Plus) which was published fortnightly. I came to Germany in December 2008 and have worked since then with the Wall Street Institute in Essen, VHS Velbert-Heiligenhaus and, since 2017, with VHS Dresden as an English Teacher.
I have a great time teaching English to all age groups and enjoy organizing different social evenings for my students. I believe in learning by doing and VHS gives loads of opportunities to the teachers to be creative.
I am thrilled and taken by surprise to know some of my students being big fans of Bollywood movies and Shah Rukh Khan. As I also enjoy giving learners an insight into Indian culture I think my cooking and speaking class “Namaste India” will provide a brilliant chance to get a taste of my home country.
I am eagerly waiting to welcome new enthusiastic students to my classes!!!

Kurse der Dozentin

Was? Wann?
Englisch - Im Online English Language Room von B1+ zu B2 (1. Semester) Mo., 26.09.2022
Englisch - Grund- und Festigungskurs für Ältere, Stufe A1 (Weiterführung, 2. Semester) Di., 27.09.2022
Englisch - Slow-Motion-Aufbaukurs, Stufe A2 (Weiterführung, 3. Semester) Do., 29.09.2022
English for Life Hacks, Stufen A1 bis A2 (Online-Kurs) Do., 10.11.2022
English Talk-show, Stufen A2 bis B1 (Online-Kurs) Mi., 23.11.2022
English to go: Survival English for Travelling Mi., 18.01.2023

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