Linda Crister Schönherr Dolmetscherin / Übersetzerin

Having been a language teacher for adults worldwide for more than ten years, I can assure you that languages are my passion.

I started teaching at the vhs in 2021, I am a professional translator, I have an international certificate to be a teacher and I have worked for different international institutions. This journey has enabled me to master various teaching methodologies to suit the necessities of every group.

I like teaching at the vhs because I have the freedom to let my students experience the language through real-life situations so they can put their new knowledge to use right away.

My goal is to help my students improve their language skills in a friendly environment, so they feel comfortable playing, laughing, interacting with others, and even making mistakes and learning from them without the fear of being judged. Learning should not be a passive process, I want to facilitate knowledge to my students but it is their task to show what they have learned by speaking, so they can improve their fluency.

Kurse der Dozentin

Was? Wann?
Englisch für Ältere: Keeping-Fit-Kurs, Stufe A2 Do., 02.03.2023
Englisch für Ältere: Keeping-Fit-Kurs, Stufe A2 Mo., 06.03.2023
Englisch für Ältere: Basiskurs (1. Semester) Do., 30.03.2023
Englisch - Grundkurs für Wiedereinstieg und Auffrischung, Stufe A1 - A2 (1. Semester) Mi., 19.04.2023
Englisch - Aufbaukurs, Stufe A2 (1. Semester) Mi., 19.04.2023
Englisch - Keep on Talking, Stufe B1 Mi., 10.05.2023
Englisch - Intermediate Conversation, Stufe B2 Di., 30.05.2023
Englisch- The English Conversation Room, Stufe B2/C1 (Online-Kurs) Do., 01.06.2023
English Appetizer - Englisch zum Ausprobieren (geringe Kenntnisse; Kurzkurs vor den Sommerferien) Mo., 03.07.2023
Everyday English Shape up: Auffrischung Alltagsenglisch - Intensivkurs in den Sommerferien, Stufe B1 Mo., 10.07.2023

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